EA Artificial Evolution 2019


Preliminary program:

Tuesday, October 29

  • 8h30-9h30: Registration/coffee
  • 9h30-12h00: Session #1: Chair: Pierre Collet
  • 12h00-13h30: Lunch
  • 13h30-15h00: Plenary talk
  • 15h00-15h30: Coffee break
  • 15h30-16h00: Bus transfer from UHA to the national museum "Cité de l'automobile"
  • 16h00-18h00: Guided tour of the Schlumpf collection which gathers more than 130 cars from before 1914, and more than 200 cars of prestige, grand tourism or competition, including 60 rare or unique masterpieces
  • 18h00-18h30: Bus transfer from the museum to the restaurant
  • 18h30- :Aperitif and dinner in the “Auberge du Zoo” to taste the Alsacian gastronomy in a leafy setting next to the zoo

Wednesday 30

  • 9h30-12h: Session #2 (including a 30 min coffee break at 10:30): Chair: Mathieu Brevilliers and Pierrick Legrand
  • 12:00-13:30: Lunch
  • 13:30-17:00: Session #3 (including a 30 min coffee break at 15:00): Chair: Laurent Moalic and Nicolas Monmarché
And moments dedicated to the EA association...

Invited Conference:

Prof Edward Keedwell

Prof. Keedwell is an Associate Professor in Computer Science. He joined the Computer Science discipline in 2006 and was appointed as a lecturer in Computer Science in 2009. He is currently Director of Research for Computer Science and has personal research interests in nature-inspired computing techniques (e.g. genetic algorithms, neural networks, cellular automata) and their application to a variety of difficult problems in bioinformatics and engineering. He leads the Nature Inspired computing research group focusing on applied optimisation and has been involved with successful funding applications totalling over £2 million from the EPSRC, Innovate UK, EU and industry. Particular areas of current interest are the development of sequence-based hyperheuristics and human-in-the-loop optimisation methods for applications in engineering.


List of accepted papers:

  • Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for a Transportation Problem in Home Health Care with the Consideration of Carbon Emissions. Hongyuan Luo, Mahjoub Dridi, Olivier Grunder
  • Looking for Energy E. Francisco Fernández de Vega, Josefa Díaz, Juan Ángel García, Francisco Chávez, Jorge Alvarado
  • Evolving a Weighted Combination of Text Similarities for Authorship Attribution. Youssef Keyrouz, Cyril Fonlupt, Dany Mezher, Denis Robilliard, Rafic Faddoul
  • A study of Recombination Operators for the Cyclic Bandwidth Problem. Jintong Ren, Jin-Kao Hao, Eduardo Rodriguez-Tello
  • Image Signal Processor parameters tuning with surrogates-assisted Particles Swarm Optimization. Geoffrey Portelli, Denis Pallez
  • Evolving Fitness Landscapes with Complementary Fitness Functions. Vincent Hénaux, Adrien Goéffon, Frédéric Saubion
  • Bayesian Immigrant Diploid Genetic Algorithm for Dynamic Environments. Emrullah GAZIOGLU, A. Sima ETANER-UYAR
  • Automatic calibration of a farm irrigation model: a multi-modal optimization approach. Amaury Dubois, Fabien Teytaud, Eric Ramat, Sébastien Verel
  • Fast evolutionary algorithm for solving large-scale multi-objective problems. Anna Ouskova-Leonteva, Pierre Pierre Parrend, Anne Jeannin-Girardon, Pierre Collet
  • Optimisation of a Checkers Player using neural and metaheuristic approaches. Ethan Bunce, Edward Keedwell
  • Combinatorial Surrogate-Assisted Optimization for Bus Stops Spacing Problem. Florian Leprêtre, Cyril Fonlupt, Sébastien Verel, Virginie Marion
  • A Novel Outlook on Feature Selection as a Multi-Objective Problem. Pietro Barbiero, Evelyne Lutton, Giovanni Squillero, Alberto Tonda
  • A* based differential evolution algorithm for UAV path planning problem in urban environment. Soheila Ghambari, Lhassane Idoumghar, Laetitia Jourdan, Julien Lepagnot
  • Selective Vehicle Routing Problem: A Metaheuristic Approach. Andrea Posada, Juan Carlos Rivera, Juan D. Palacio
  • From feature selection to continues optimization. Hojjat Rakhshani, Lhassane Idoumghar, Julien Lepagnot, Mathieu Brevilliers
  • Fixed jobs multi-agent scheduling problem with renewable resources. Boukhalfa ZAHOUT, Ameur SOUKHAL, Patrick MARTINEAU