EA Artificial Evolution 2019




For the registration, please fill the following form, upload your student card in pdf (if you are student) and follow the procedure that corresponds to the payment method (international bank transfer, check (on site), bon de commande)

You should receive a confirmation email few minutes after your registration. If not, or for any additional question, please contact Lhassane IDOUMGHAR (lhassane.idoumghar AT uha.fr).

As usual, registration fees are kept minimal, as the aim of EA conferences is not to make any money (organisation of the conference does not go through a specialised company, organisers are not only benevolent, but pay conference fees as anyone else if they want to attend).

Therefore, we are once more very proud to announce very reasonable fees that include:

  • conference facilities,
  • proceedings,
  • served lunches,
  • coffee breaks,
  • and the conference social event.

Make sure that at least one author registers BEFORE the 15st of September and attends to the conference in order to present the accepted paper. If a paper is not covered by a registration before the 15st of September , the paper will be rejected. If a paper is not presented at the conference it will be removed of the Proceedings Volume.

AFTER 01/10/2019:

  • EUR 360 for students
  • EUR 460 for other academics participants
  • EUR 580 for industrials participants
  • EUR 100 for additional banquet/social event tickets (one banquet/social event ticket is already included in the regular registration price. Those 100 euros are to cover the price for the social event for accompanying persons).
Before 01/10/2019 After 01/10/2019 On site
Students EUR 280 EUR 360 EUR 410
Academics EUR 380 EUR 460 EUR 510
Industrials EUR 500 EUR 580 EUR 630

Please mention special requirements such as vegetarian dishes.


Payment can be made through two different ways:

  • International Bank Transfer made to:
    Association Evolution Artificielle
    IBAN : FR76 1470 7508 4131 5218 9533 937
    RIB: 14707 50841 31521895339 37 

    Bank details are:

    4, rue de Pfastatt,
    Le Septentrion,
    68110 Illzach
    TEL : +33 (0) 3 54 22 10 00

    Please try to indicate your name in the bank transfer, as it is always very difficult to tell where the transfer came from on the reception side.

  • BON DE COMMANDE (for French institutions)

    Envoyez svp un bon de commande à l'ordre de :

         Association Évolution Artificielle
         Département Informatique de Polytech'Tours
         64 avenue Jean Portalis
         37200 Tours - FRANCE
    	 association n°W711000002
         Declaration at the préfecture 
    	 Indre-Et-Loire le 27/06/2008
         num. parution J.O. 20080030
         SIRET : 517 654 125 000 15

    Le bon de commande doit parvenir au trésorier selon les deux méthodes suivantes :

        1) Scanné puis envoyé par email 
    	à l'adresse lhassane.idoumghar  @  uha.fr 
    	en indiquant dans le corps du message 
    	l'adresse email de votre correspondant 
    	au service comptable de votre institut.
        2) Et envoyé par courrier postal à l'adresse
    	Lhassane IDOUMGHAR
    	Université de Haute Alsace,
    	Bâtiment ENSISA 
    	12 rue des Frères Lumière
    	68093 Mulhouse Cedex 

    Une facture sera transmise dès réception du bon de commande.